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Brouwer Storage Consultancy to join ‘first ICT Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia’

Nijkerk (The Netherlands)              May 4, 2011                         Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Vendor independent Storage Advisor, Brouwer Storage Consultancy (BSC), has qualified to participate in  the first ICT trade mission to Saudi Arabia. The mission, initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, will take place May 14-18, 2011. The participants will meet with the major ministries in the Kingdom that deal with ICT. In the largest country of the gulf region, internet penetration is expected to grow 20 to 30% per year, while the ICT market as a whole is expected to grow to 5 billion dollars in 2012. The mission is intended for suppliers of ICT solutions for the public sector.
Brouwer Storage Consultancy was selected due to its unique position as vendor independent advisor, extensive international experience, and knowledge of the public, healthcare, and finance sectors.

The company has advised the Oman based Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), an Oil and Gas exploration company, on several projects. PDO is 60% owned by the Sultanate. Royal Dutch Shell has a 34% participation. French Total (4%) and Portuguese Partex (2%) own the rest. PDO produces oil and liquid gas. PDO is the second largest ICT player in the Middle East.

BSC has also advised a Japanese company in the development and marketing of Solid State Disk products . In the Netherlands BSC is active in the healthcare, energy, finance, and central government sectors.

Founder Gert Brouwer :
“We are looking forward to a busy summer in the Middle East. After Saudi Arabia we are in the race for two large tenders in Oman”.

Brouwer Storage Consultancy is one of the few real ‘vendor independent’ Storage Consultancy organisations in the Netherlands and the only one with more than 30 years of storage experience. Founder Gert Brouwer started his Storage career in 1979 with Memorex, the first IBM plug-compatible storage vendor.
BSC focuses on architecture development and strategic plans {Developing a Storage strategy}, writing and conducting Tenders/ITT, and does audits and second opinions. The company also organises education sessions for storage architects in cooperation with several US based consultancy organisations.

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